A man has been sentenced for threatening to kill his parents and burn their house down.
A man has been sentenced for threatening to kill his parents and burn their house down. Valerie Horton

Man threatens to kill parents, burn their house down

A MAN who threatened to kill his parents and burn their house down has been sentenced in Maryborough Magistrates Court to a year in prison - but he will be released on Thursday.

Daniel Steven Munce, 39, pleaded guilty to possessing utensils or pipes that had been used, possessing dangerous drugs and two counts of threatening violence.

Munce was arrested at his parents' Gympie home earlier this year while under the influence of alcohol and Xanax.

The police found a water pipe and a small amount of cannabis in his bedroom, but because of his state of intoxication it was decided he was not in a fit state to answer questions and he was taken to the watch house.

The court heard when Munce arrived at the watch house he started screaming abuse and making threats.

Police prosecutor Kath Stagoll said Munce told police if he was released on bail he would "belt my father to death.

"I'll find my father and I'll f**king kill him," Munce told the police.

He then threatened to cut his father's throat and burn his house down.

The court heard Munce was quiet for a time after the initial outburst but then started yelling obscenities and telling officers to let him out.

He told police that he would murder his mother and father.

"There were concerns that if he was released he would follow through with his threats," Sgt Stagoll said.

The court heard Munce had already spent 80 days in custody ahead of his court appearance.

Several character references were submitted to the court on his behalf, including statements from his mother and sister.

The court heard Munce had worked as an apprentice jockey before a car accident destroyed his dream of being part of the racing industry.

He then worked as a builder, but had been imprisoned previously, including serving 18 months for an assault on police.

The court heard Munce had contracted hepatitis C and suffered from depression.

He had used marijuana and alcohol since he was a teenager and had been in rehab 10 times to try to fight his substance abuse.

The court heard Munce had no intention of harming his father.

"I'm ashamed of that," he said.

"I'm sorry for what I said.

The court was told Munce intended to connect with Alcoholics Anonymous and undergo anger management courses.

He said he believed it was a good thing he had returned to jail for a while.

Magistrate John Smith said the character references spoke highly of Munce, saying he was intelligent and a great bloke when he was sober.

Munce was sentenced to 12 months in prison but was given a parole release date of June 1.

Mr Smith told Munce to get stuck into work and get help for his substance abuse issues.