Donna and Michael Davies
Donna and Michael Davies John Gass

Man to shed 25 years of hair

GIMME a head with hair, long beautiful hair.

The opening lines to the best known song in the long-running musical "Hair" have always been dear to the heart of North Arm's Michael Davies.

And grow hair on his face and head he has done happily since the mid eighties when the Department of Health finally relaxed rules governing the amount of hair which could be grown on the face and head of male nurses.

Mr Davies took to the rule relaxation like a duck to water and in quick time had given himself a head with hair, long beautiful hair.

His full beard fell to his sternum and the hair crept down to his waistline and remained there in partnership, untouched by scissors (except for the odd clip to split ends) until last November when the flowing beard, of which Santa Claus would have been proud, was shed to raise funds in the Movember charity promotion.

"Donna (wife) and I had been together for nearly 25 years and it was the first time she and the three kids, who are now all in the twenties, had ever seen my full face," Mr Davies said.

"All of them were shocked - in fact I got the impression they wanted me to grow it back immediately!"

The Davies clan are about to see a fully shorn Dad because of a losing bet Mr Davies made with his wife.

"I bet her that if she lost 10kg in weight, I'd have my hair cut in March for the Leukaemia Foundation's annual Shave for a Cure fundraiser," Mr Davies said.

Mrs Davies achieved her target goal and now it is time for her husband to pay up.

"I didn't really mind the beard but have been at him for years now to get his hair cut," Mrs Davies said.

"I kept telling him that the '80's look has passed' but he steadfastly refused to get within 'Cooee' of a pair of scissors.

"I reckon he only took the bet on because he didn't think I'd achieve the weight loss - that really inspired me to shed the 10kgs."

Mr Davies will be shorn of his long locks at the Tumbulgum Tavern on Saturday, March 10.

To support Michael in his fundraising venture go to or give him a call on (02) 6672 3127.