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Man who filmed fatal car accident rather than help, charged

THE Ohio man who whipped out his cell phone to record a fatal car accident instead of helping the victims has been charged.

Paul Pelton, 41, took video of a car crash that killed one teenager and posted the footage on Facebook, allegedly attempting to sell it to news outlets.

Mr Pelton reportedly opened the rear door of the car to get better video as two 17-year-old boys were inside. Cameron Friend died as a result of the crash and driver Zachary Goodin was critically injured.

By opening the door of the car, he opened himself up for trespassing charges, which have been levied by police, WKYC reported.

In the video - since removed from Mr Pelton's Facebook page - he can be heard saying "Idiots" multiple times in apparent reference to the teenagers in the car.

"I just wanted to educate people to slow down," Mr Pelton told a Cleveland news station. "I didn't do that to have some type of gore video."

Since falling into the media spotlight, Mr Pelton has defended himself on Facebook by claiming others on the scene also were filming with their phones.

It appears that no one else went as far in their voyeurism as to open the car door.