WINNERS: Rosewood Show Ball winners gather for a photo.
WINNERS: Rosewood Show Ball winners gather for a photo. Contributed

Miss Showgirl follows in sister's footsteps

SIX years after her sister was named Miss Show Girl at the Rosewood Show, Paige Seppanen claimed the title for herself.

It was the first time she had ever entered the contest.

"My sister Cassie went to Regionals in the same place as where I will go to Regionals - in Lowood.”

Cassie took the title at the West Moreton and Brisbane Valley Regionals, making her way to the state finals.

Seeing what her sister got out of it led Paige to try for the title herself and, having achieved her goal, she hopes to use the title to create change.

"I want to show the youth of the community what the show is all about,” she said.

"Unfortunately the show societies are becoming smaller.”

She said she worried about the future of the show.

"They're run by the older generation and sadly one day they'll all be gone and who's left to run it?” she said.

"We need to get youth involved and show them it's a fun thing to be a part of and how it's a whole other family you gain.”

Only a short way into her term, Paige said she could see herself applying the experience to other parts of her life.

"You learn something from every experience in life,” she said.

Regionals will take place in Lowood on July 13.

Other title recipients on the night include Ryan Lewis as Tiny Tot Show Prince, Sophie Geddes as Junior Show Princess, Joshua Wood as Junior Show Prince, Kelly-Lea Wormington as Show Princess, Noah Davis as Show Prince, Genevieve Ferrando as Show Queen, Kerri Jendra as Junior Matron, Phuong Van as Show Matron, Ian Dieckmann as Best-dressed male, Amber McLucas as runner up Miss Show Girl.