LNP: Jim McDonald
LNP: Jim McDonald

MP: Some government info needs to be redacted

STATE member for Lockyer Jim McDonald has disclosed concerns the national media's Your Right to Know campaign could exacerbate the negative effects of biased reporting.

"I am very concerned there are a lot of media that are not objective and are opinionated media, which use this information wrongly," Mr McDonald said.

"In a perfect world, all media outlets would ensure all investigation and articulation of that is of good journalistic sense, however there are some who can use information mischievously."

He said there were also situations where a person's right to privacy should take priority.

"I've been in situations where I was receiving Right to Information requests and we would release the information they were entitled to, at least," he said.

"But some things, because of a person's privacy … There are some reasons why things might need to be redacted."

Mr McDonald said he trusted people in positions of authority responsible for making decisions to redact information for "reasons relating to security, privacy or legalities".

"I recognise the benefits of open information and accountability and transparency but I do know people can be mischievous," he said.

"It depends on the topic - I certainly support being far more open and accountable."

Newscorp and a number of other major media companies across the country have launched a campaign warning of a future where laws help governments hide information from the public. The Your Right to Know campaign rallies for awarenss of the importance of media freedom to report on what Australians deserve to know.