Bailey Sibraa.  Photo: Contributed
Bailey Sibraa. Photo: Contributed Contributed

Mum's agonising wait for final hug with son Bailey

PARENTS of Bailey Sibraa will have to wait agonising days before they can hug their son for the last time.

The 19-year-old Mountain Creek man died after the utility he and two mates were in crashed into a tree on Pacific Boulevard, near Point Cartwright.

Amanda and Steve Sibraa say their son's body has now been taken to Brisbane for an autopsy on Wednesday, and they've been told they could see him on Thursday.

Mrs Sibraa is struggling with the news, as was the whole family, her husband said.

"We are hoping for a funeral early next week.

"We haven't seen Bailey yet as they recommend we wait until he is in the care of the funeral directors.

"Which means we probably won't get to see him until Thursday. That is very painful and distressing. Amanda is not coping well."

On Saturday Mrs Sibraa said in an interview with the Daily she felt she would feel some closure if she could give her son a final hug.

"I just want to see him at peace, and give him a hug," she said.


The grieving parents of Bailey Sibraa who died on Friday nights car crash at Buddina, Steve and Amanda Sibraa.
The grieving parents of Bailey Sibraa who died on Friday nights car crash at Buddina, Steve and Amanda Sibraa. John McCutcheon

She described the "devastating" experience of waiting at the site of the accident on Friday to see her son's body, only to decide it wasn't a good idea to look.

"We sat there for hours because they wouldn't let us see him ... they say that they have to do all their investigation first and I just needed confirmation that it was actually him," she said.

"It was just devastating - just waiting."

Residents in the beachside suburb brought blankets and water, and were kind to them, Mr Sibraa recalled.

Mrs Sibraa said she didn't notice this at the time, she was so deep in shock, waiting to find out for sure whether the body under the white sheet was her boy. Nonetheless, both were grateful for the concern and help.

The Sibraa family is planning Bailey's funeral, and sister Soraya is urgently seeking help with the cost. She has set up a Gofundme account to raise funds.

To contribute to the costs of Bailey Sibraa's funeral, visit and search Goodbye Bailey Sibraa.

The Sibraa family would like to establish a memorial for Bailey. Division 4 councillor John Connolly said it was a good idea and he would talk to the parents when they were ready.