New app helps avoid drift damage

COTTON producers will be able to protect their crops from off-target spray drift damage this season, by using a new mapping system on smart phones and tablet devices.

Following a major technical upgrade, the CottonMap system is a joint effort between Cotton Australia, Cotton Research and Development Corporation, Grains Research Development Corporation and Nufarm to minimise off-target damage from downward herbicide application, particularly during fallow spraying by plotting online nearby cotton fields.

The enhanced technology now means cotton growers can more easily register the fields they are planting with cotton, while their neighbours can also use their iphone or smart phone device to check for cotton before spraying.

Cotton Australia CEO Adam Kay said during the 07/08 and 08/09 seasons, around 11 per cent of all cotton crops was affected by spray drift.

"Last season, thanks to CottonMap, there were no adverse incidents of spray drift on cotton reported to the regulator, the APVMA, and with the increased accessibility of cotton map on portable devices, we would be hopeful of a similar outcome this year," Mr Kay said.

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