Building constructionPhoto: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily
Building constructionPhoto: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily

New subdivision to bring 84 new homes to highway town

TWO development applications, one new, one old, have been approved by the Somerset Regional Council this week.

Ranging from simple renovations to more complicated requests, development applications are among the most common decisions faced by local councils during their meetings.

Even after being approved, some of these projects may remain in limbo for years,

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The first of these was a request to extend the approval period for a housing development in Fernvale.

The site, on Volger Road, was first approved in 2016, and intends to reconfigure one Lot of land into 84 new lots of varying sizes, but no construction has been conducted since then.

In May, the council received correspondence from new owners who had taken over the development, who asked for more time to work on the development, due to the financial constraints and market uncertainty that has come about due to COVID-19.

Adding to this uncertainty is the fact that Fernvale is already oversaturated with housing developments and other projects, many of which are in various stages of planning or completion.

Given the circumstances, councillors agreed to extend the development approval for a further two years, until September 30, 2022.

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Another requested discussed this week was an application to subdivide a property in Esk.

Situated on Esk-Hampton Road, the property currently has a single dwelling, and two domestic outbuildings.

The subdivision would see one outbuilding and the dwelling confined to one Lot, while the other outbuilding becomes part of a new Lot, with an easement between them.

Councillors didn’t object to any aspects of the development, and approved it without issue.

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