Cedar Pocket Road crime scene. Photo Tanya Easterby / The Gympie Times
Cedar Pocket Road crime scene. Photo Tanya Easterby / The Gympie Times Tanya Easterby

No clear link to bike gangs and burnt torso, say police

POLICE say there is nothing to suggest a sure link between outlaw motorcycle clubs and the discovery of a burnt torso at Cedar Pocket.

Regional police crime chief, Detective Acting Superintendent Darrin Shadlow, said police were considering several possibilities to explain why and how the gruesome murder took place.

He said while one of those possibilities could be related to OMCs, it certainly wasn't the police's only consideration.

"There is nothing to say it is OMC-related," Det Supt Shadlow said yesterday.

In explaining the wide scope of police investigations, Det A/Supt Shadlow said another possibility could surround domestic violence.

"We look at every single available option," he said.

While search crews and dive teams have been scouring the area for other body parts and forensic investigations have been ongoing all week, Det A/Supt Shadlow said yesterday there was little new to report about the dismembered body.

The torso of a Caucasian male was found Thursday night as it burnt only metres from Cedar Pocket Rd.

He said police were still seeking anyone travelling along Cedar Pocket Rd between 5-7pm last Thursday. Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers, 24 hours a day, on 1800 333 000.