Nurse had sex with mental health patient in treatment room

A male nurse had sex with a vulnerable female patient in the treatment room of a public hospital mental health unit and in a car and a toilet on hospital grounds.

The sexual relationship began two weeks after the nurse, Griffin Callus, began treating the woman in 2014, Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard.

The tribunal was told the day after Mr Callus, then 40, first had sex with the mentally-ill patient, who was in her early 20s, they kissed and hugged each other in the treatment room.

Two weeks later, the patient performed oral sex on Mr Callus in a storeroom of the hospital mental health unit.

A week later they had sex in Mr Callus's car, which was parked in the hospital grounds, the tribunal heard.

On another day they had sex in the men's bathroom of an auditorium on hospital grounds.

The patient was in the mental health unit under an involuntary treatment program when the sexual relationship began, the tribunal heard.

Mr Callus denied the allegations from 2014, during investigations by his employer, his regulation agency and the Office of the Health Ombudsman, until April, last year.

The tribunal heard he had given a false account to explain his and the patient's movements that were captured on CCTV on one day.

A tribunal member said it was an extremely serious boundary violation.

"It involved the sexual exploitation of a much younger, vulnerable mentally-ill patient," the tribunal said.

"It obviously carried with it the potential for harm to the patient."

The sexual relationship was carried on for an extended period, under great secrecy, the tribunal member said.

Mr Callus's conduct was exacerbated by his "protracted, dishonest attempt to hide the truth and escape the consequences of his misconduct", the tribunal said.

Mr Callus was suspended from work, then in August, 2014, he gave an undertaking not to practise outside his Queensland Health work.

He lost his job in February, 2015, and he let his registration lapse that year.

On July 29, Mr Callus was reprimanded for professional misconduct and barred from applying for registration as a health practitioner for 12 months.

Originally published as Nurse had sex with mental health patient in treatment room