DIVERSE GROUP: Gatton Redbacks senior women players Dawn Jackwitz and Lauren Snuderl.
DIVERSE GROUP: Gatton Redbacks senior women players Dawn Jackwitz and Lauren Snuderl. Lachlan McIvor

Old heads guiding young Redbacks

FOOTBALL: The Gatton Redbacks senior women are hoping their unique mix of veteran players and young guns will continue to bear fruit with finals fast approaching.

With fifth place on the table secured, they will head into finals at the end of the month at the top of their respective four-team pool.

In the senior women competition, the top four play-off in their own group at the end of the regular season, while the next four best-placed sides compete against one another for a separate trophy.

It is the first year back in the hot seat for head coach Garry Godley after a number of years off.

"I've been really pleased with the ladies, we have a great bunch of girls who have done a really good job throughout the season,” Godley said.

"We're really only playing this season to get the team going - I'm planning for next season, so this is our trial season.”

"That's what I'm looking at, the future, this year we'll learn how to play, what we're doing, what we're doing wrong and then next year we'll go out and kick some butt.”

With players ranging from 14 years old to past 60, the Redbacks stood out from the rest of the division but Godley said they had worked it to their advantage.

"We have a big variety of ages in the team and it's worked fantastically,” he said.

"The older girls look after the younger ones and it's just formed into a really good squad.”

Although he admitted he was always a little nervous at the thought of crunch knock-out games, he was confident his side could make their mark.

"We should do really well ... if everyone performs well, we'll do well,” he said.

"We've got a good squad that can do it.”

Heide Jenkins has played for the club for 15 years, in two separate stints, and was feeling positive ahead of finals.

"We've beaten all the teams that we're going to come up against and we're the only team to have drawn with the team at the top of the table and they've not lost a game all season,” she said.

With a quarter of a century in the red and black, Dawn Jackwitz, enjoyed being able to pass on her vast knowledge and experience in the game to the three youngest members of the squad.

"They said they'd prefer to play with us then all play with the Fillies, so that's really nice. We're probably the only team with such a huge range of ages and we've done really well,” Jackwitz said.