Dan Peled

One in two unhappy with Newman

POPULARITY for the Queensland Premier has plummeted as people continue to loose their jobs and services in the public sector.

According to a Galaxy Poll commissioned by the Courier-Mail, one in two voters are unimpressed with Premier Campbell Newman.

The poll of 800 voters from across Queensland found dissatisfaction with Mr Newman had increased from 19% in May to 49% this month.

The voter perception is in sharp contrast to the LNP's landslide election victory in March.

However, poll results show the LNP's primary support stands at 48%, which is only slightly behind his election result.

Thirty-per-cent of voters said they would choose Labor at an election compared to 26.7% in May.

Mr Newman has always maintained the unpleasant culling of the public service would lead to greater job and economic growth for Queensland in the future.

But Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszcuk said the opinion poll results showed the LNP had breached the trust of Queenslanders.

She said the LNP's play on the state of Queensland's finances contributed to the dismal ratings.

"For five months, the Premier, Treasurer and every other LNP Minister and MP have been talking down our state and trying to blame the previous government for the LNP's mass sackings and cuts to frontline services," she said.

Together Union secretary Alex Scott has claimed 7000 public servants have lost their jobs since the Newman Government took office.

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