Outrage at ‘entitled’ neighbours’ sick act


A Queensland business owner is fed up with the "entitled nature" of his neighbours after bags of dog poo and garbage were dumped in front of his shop.

Andy Esto Smith, the owner of a hair salon on Oxford St in Bulimba, told news.com.au he was "disgusted" at the way people in the riverside suburb of inner Brisbane were dumping dog poo and garbage straight onto the ground.

"People don't seem to take pride in our neighbourhood, which surprises me for an affluent suburb," Mr Smith said. "Perhaps it's the entitled nature some people have around here.

"Locals walking past with coffee cups and dog poop bags just stacked them on the floor all around the bins. So gross."

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'This is disgusting', the outraged business owner wrote on Facebook.
'This is disgusting', the outraged business owner wrote on Facebook.


'If this was you, you should be ashamed.'
'If this was you, you should be ashamed.'

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Mr Smith said the bins were already being "hammered with dog poop and general waste from foot traffic".






"As a small-business owner we take pride in our business and entry," he said in a post on Facebook last week.

"Our work bins outside are full (of other people's rubbish) so instead of people walking by and taking their rubbish and dog poop bags with them, they have proceeded to leave them around our bins, all over the footpath for us to clean up.

"If this was you, you should be ashamed. Please keep our suburb tidy people!"

His post attracted more than 100 reactions and 50 comments from locals who called the dumping "disgraceful" and "wrong".

"They are scum! A shame they live in our wonderful burb," one man wrote on the post.

"Just left my shop. Customers complaining to me about the smell," another woman wrote.

"Absolutely disappointing but happens all the time on Oxford St."


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