A DRUNK father smashed his own front door in when he thought the locks had been changed.
A DRUNK father smashed his own front door in when he thought the locks had been changed.

Paranoid dad comes home drunk, smashes in own door

A DRUNK father smashed his own front door in when he thought the locks had been changed.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard Lasarusa Volabana, 44, turned up at his Lockyer Valley home at 7.25pm on June 15, under the influence of alcohol.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Alister Windsor said the Gatton man had been unable to get into the house through the wooden front door.

"He has been unable to complete the combination and has made a phone message with the victim confirming the number combination - the victim confirmed it was the right combination," Sgt Windsor said.

"(He) then accused the victim of changing the combination and locking him out.

"He has threatened to break the door, if the victim didn't tell him the correct code."

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Volanaba kept his word.

"He has attempted to unsuccessfully kick the door open, causing minor damage to the frame," Sgt Windsor said.

"The aluminium frame of the window next to the door was also forced - the defendant has gained entry to the residence."

The court heard Volanaba had also been caught drink driving two months earlier, after police caught wind of the fact he had left a Beenleigh address after drinking.

He was disqualified from driving at the time.

Snr Sgt Windsor said an informant tipped police off at 3.12am on April 25.

"There were concerns that the driver was intoxicated," Sgt Windsor said.

Fifteen minutes later, police spotted Volanaba in Wynnum West standing near his gold Mitsubishi sedan, holding car keys.

Sgt Windsor said the car was parked "somewhat askew".

The court heard Volanaba denied having driven but, feeling the car bonnet, police could tell it had been recently used.

When police tried to breath test him, Volanaba gave chase.

"He has been called upon to stop but has continued running," Sgt Windsor said.

Police arrested Volanaba and asked him to breathe into the test.

"Again he reiterated he hadn't driven anywhere," Sgt Windsor said.

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At the Cleveland Police Station, a reading was obtained confirming the man's blood-alcohol level was 0.135.

Volanaba pleaded guilty to seven charges, including obstructing police, disqualified driving, drink driving and wilful damage.

He was fined $1900 and his driving disqualification was extended.

Once his current two-year disqualification completes, he will have to wait another 2.5 years before he can legally drive.

Magistrate Kay Ryan warned Volanaba what would happen if he drove again while breaching a court order.

"You have driven with alcohol in your system and in defiance of a court order saying you were not to drive," Ms Ryan said.

"Do not drive while you are disqualified - If you do, with (your) history, you risk going to prison."

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