Some of the front pages of Darling Downs newspapers shutting down their print editions this week.
Some of the front pages of Darling Downs newspapers shutting down their print editions this week. Tobi Loftus

'Passion and pride': Why regional journalism is so important

I KNOW how vital regional journalists are to the communities they serve.

Like all of my colleagues, I've lived it.

More than seven years ago I accepted a job as a cadet journalist at the Dalby Herald.

I still haven't looked back - Toowoomba is a larger place than a Dalby or a Kingaroy, but its country values are its beating heart.

The reality is I'd had little exposure to regional communities.

It's a reality many bright-eyed journalists from our major cities face when searching for their first job.

But they, like me, found something special in them.

They found passion and pride.

They found dedication and determination.

It's infectious and so very rewarding to share the stories of these towns.

But I'm just one of many.

I've seen many young people integrate themselves into our regional towns.

I've watched them grow as journalists and I've watched them grow as people.

I've seen those journalists hold authority to account and I've seen them share the stories of the vibrant personalities who make up the fabric of these communities.

I don't remember the form in which those stories were necessarily presented - I remember the words.

Such is the power of regional news, and that won't end this week.

Those print editions will no longer exist from Saturday, but journalists who told those stories will remain.

They, like the people that call these towns home, have passion and pride.

They have dedication and determination. 

They are members of your great communities.

Back these publications online with a digital subscription and allow them to keep sharing the stories that matter to you.

And if you still can't get enough of a print product, you'll now find the stories of these towns inside pages of The Chronicle.

The Chronicle will incorporate stories from the newspapers across the Darling Downs that this week said farewell to their print product.

We're honoured to expand that coverage.