BIG EFFORT: Buy a Bale CEO Charles Alder celebrates Peace Lutheran Primary School's donation.
BIG EFFORT: Buy a Bale CEO Charles Alder celebrates Peace Lutheran Primary School's donation. Tom Threadingham

Peace run laps to help farmers out

THE students of Peace Lutheran Primary School put the joggers on to raise money for a good cause.

The school hosted Lap-a-thon during term two, with students walking or running laps to raise money for the Buy a Bale Appeal.

The students managed to fundraise a total of $4511 towards the cause.

The school requested the money be spent in certain ways with $2750 for a full semi truck load of hay, $1000 towards further bales of hay, $748 to go towards diesel, and the rest donated wherever needed.

Rural Aid and Buy a Bale CEO Charles Alder visited the school on Monday to thank the students and to explain what the organisation did to help the farmers.

He said he was amazed by the school's efforts.

"The ability of young kids to feel empathy for this cause is one of the great things about this," he said.

"The kids know what a bale of hay is too, so they can visualise their donation.

"It's a really tangible part of their fundraising, particularly for the kids."

Peace Lutheran Primary School deputy principal Sonia Gillis said the school hosted the Lap-a-thon each year.

Last year, the students donated presents to the children of drought affected farmers.

She said teaching students the ability to give and help others was an important part of the schools education program.

"The kids have done phenomenally well," she said.

Mr Alder said despite some recent rain, the farmers out west were still struggling to get back on their feet and were in a financial drought.

"They spend so much money to keep their animals alive that they are down to their bare bucks now," he said.

"It's not just farmers who are affected by drought but a lot of people in the local community too."

He said Rural Aid had been working hard to pick up the community's spirits out west and did more than just donate hay.