PATIENT: Dr Jillian Lok from Gatton Veterinary Surgery.
PATIENT: Dr Jillian Lok from Gatton Veterinary Surgery. Lachlan McIvor

Pet owners urged to be vigilant for ticks when rain hits

WHILE a welcome relief to dry conditions could be right around the corner, vets are warning of the risk to pets once rain brings out an abundance of paralysis ticks.

Gatton Veterinary Surgery's Dr Jillian Lok said the practice had not seen many cases recently but expected an uptick if a downpour hit the region.

Dr Lok urged pet owners to have their furry friends' tick prevention up to date but said daily checks were still crucial.

"With dogs, using the oral products would be recommended," she said.

"Flea and tick washes are good but they don't last long enough.

"Even with all the products, they (owners) should still be checking their pets regularly for ticks."

If an animal is bitten, they can become unsteady or wobbly, drool, develop a dry cough or have difficulty breathing.

Cats vomiting or losing their gag reflex can be signs they've been infected.

Even if a pet spends most of their time indoors, they can be infected by ticks brought inside by humans.

If you suspect your animal has been bitten, try to remove the tick before taking them immediately to a vet.

"I think we're in an area where most owners are fairly diligent with the tick products," Dr Lok said.

"They should just keep it up."