Marina Crichton, from Marina Crichton Physio – now My Care Physio and Therapy.
Marina Crichton, from Marina Crichton Physio – now My Care Physio and Therapy.

Physio predicts influx of injuries as sport commences

A GATTON physiotherapist is expecting an influx of patients as sport resumes after lockdown.

Marina Crichton, who owns My Care Physio & Therapy, has been inundated with patients during lockdown, and said the rush was likely to continue.

“After a long time of not being active, people are more prone to hurting themselves when they do go back,” she said.

“We want to provide some pre-assessment if that’s what they want or looking after them to when they return to sports.”

She said many clients had come to the clinic during coronavirus due to relaxed work-from-home situations.

But the dining room chair hadn’t always helped working situations.

“People working from home were finding their offices weren’t quite as well set up as their work offices, so they ended up with neck and back pain,” Mrs Crichton said.

“They were using it as a time to look after themselves, they also had time to follow up with their home exercise or make changes to their home offices, because they knew they were long term.”

Despite a constant stream of clients, Mrs Crichton has had the time to re-evaluate her business and prove a makeover.

Formally Marina Crichton Physio, the business went through a name change last week to My Care Physio & Therapies.

During the past 10 years, Mrs Crichton has incorporated additional therapies alongside her physio treatments, including bowen therapy and remedial massage.

With the additional services, she wanted to promote more than just physiotherapy treatments.

The logo remains the same, but it is a new title.

“We wanted to keep that similarity, so people knew who we were, but broaden the title,” Mrs Crichton said.

“I wanted to be a bit more encompassing and broader than just physio. It’s timely before we move into bigger and better premises.”

The clinic also offers lymphedema management as well as core bounce-back classes and actively ageing activities for the older demographic.

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