PM drops massive border news


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed Australia's state and territories - except for WA - have agreed "in principle" to get borders open by Christmas.

Mr Morrison said today's National Cabinet meeting had been a successful one with Australia's leaders agreeing to hopefully have all hard borders gone by the end of the year.

Western Australia has a hard border in place while Melburnians are banned from entering every state and territory.

Mr Morrison said West Australian Premier Mark McGowan still had some reservations about reopening his state but the PM was hopeful the entire country could be reopen by late December.

"I look forward to the continuing opening up," the PM said.

"Western Australia, there are special circumstances there. I made that very clear, the nature of our economy and how that works, the premier continues to maintain that position.

"Around the rest of the country, they have their timetables and we look forward to it opening by Christmas of this year.

"Certainly seven out of the eight states and territories will be open and that will be a great day for Australia. You never know, it might be eight."

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Originally published as PM drops massive border news