Police check workers

Illegal workers were the focus of a joint operation between Gatton Police, Toowoomba Crime Squad and Queensland Immigration in the Lockyer Valley yesterday.

Gatton Police Snr Sgt Tom Missingham said the routine operation included 500 random breath tests and the checking of immigration paperwork.

"There were a number of persons who were unlicensed and some unregistered vehicles, so there were a number of traffic infringements," he said.

"There have been a total of six persons detained whose status is still being clarified.

Snr Sgt Missingham said Gatton Police are in frequent contact with Immigration and try to involve them in at least one operation per year.

"We often hear about anecdotal evidence that there illegal immigrants working and that is something we like to liaise with them about," he said.

"The labour force in Gatton with a large part of it utilised in the small crop industry can have up to 1200 people involved in the industry on any day of the week."