Laidley Police are cracking down on people failing to appear in court.
Laidley Police are cracking down on people failing to appear in court.

Police crack down on court no shows

FIVE people bearing court dates have landed themselves in even hotter water after police knocked at their doors amid a police operation.

Aiming to crack down on those who “no show” at Gatton Magistrates Court, Laidley Police visited the homes of those who had failed to turn up without a reasonable explanation.

Laidley Police Officer-in-Charge Senior Sergeant Regan Draheim said it meant offenders would land an additional charge.

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“Police have caught up (with) people who have failed to appear and given them fresh bail saying they have to appear on a new date,” Sgt Draheim said.

“They have an additional fail to appear charge, which they have to front court on as well – on top of the original charges they were already going to court for.”

While it isn’t rare for offenders to dodge or forget to turn up on their court date, Snr Sgt Draheim said police didn’t always have the time to follow up immediately.

“They generally get caught up randomly for failing to appear whereas, this time, we ran an operation trying to target those people,” he said.

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During the operation, which police carried out last week, officers set out to confront a large number of people but were only able to speak to a few.

“We targeted quite a few people but found five who were wanted and issued them with fresh bail to appear in court in the near future,” Snr Sgt Draheim said.

“And that fail to appear would be included in their charges.”

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