Janette Young
Janette Young

Police guard Chief Health Officer’s home after death threats

POLICE officers have been tasked to protect Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young after death threats from online trolls, according to the head of the Australian Medical Association of Queensland (AMAQ).

Speaking on the Today Show this morning, AMAQ president Dr Chris Perry said the police were guarding Dr Young's house because "cowardly people" had "threatened to take the life of a woman."

"It's been quite toxic," Dr Perry said.

"Jeannette now has a couple of police who are outside her house who go with her everywhere."

Queensland's Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young. Picture: Josh Woning.
Queensland's Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young. Picture: Josh Woning.

Dr Perry, who fronted a press conference yesterday calling for online trolls to "back off", said Dr Young was working long hours on border exemption applications.

"She has had to have extra help with sorting through the applications for quarantine exemption. She was getting over 100 per day and she was trying to deal with it herself.

"So working from five in the morning until nine or 10 at night, it was quite hard work. She now has eight or 10 people who can help her do that.

"So it's been quite stressful and it hasn't been helped by cowardly people threatening to take the life of a woman."

Controversy over exemptions exploded last Thursday when it emerged that a Queenslander living in Canberra was not allowed out of hotel quarantine to attend her father's funeral, while special arrangements were made to allow actor Tom Hanks return to the Gold Coast to complete filming of a movie about the life of singer Elvis Presley.


Originally published as Police guarding Chief Health Officer's home after death threats