NIKKI Shortaap

Poll boost comes as Abbott's travel queried

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott's poll boost on Tuesday came as revelations emerged of his use of a government plane to attend a friend's birthday.

The Newspoll showed the Coalition had a three-point bump in the past fortnight to 41% to Labor's 39%, the highest for the government since September.

But the lift, which government MPs said showed more people were "focussed on Labor", came as News Ltd reported Mr Abbott flew in a RAAF jet to attend a Liberal donor's birthday last week in Melbourne.

It also came as Fairfax reported Treasurer Joe Hockey spent $20,000 on taxpayer-funded flights to sell last year's budget to the party faithful.

Both ministers' offices have said the travel was within rules, as Mr Abbott was also on official business and Mr Hockey's flights were related to official functions as treasurer.