PAYOUT: Darryl Fry and his son Sam.
PAYOUT: Darryl Fry and his son Sam. Contributed

Porters' detective Facebook efforts find Keno winner

A FORGOTTEN Keno ticket sparked a social media search that has ended in triumph for Porters Plainland Hotel staff.

Toowoomba school teacher Darryl Fry was on his way home from a weekend visiting mates on the Gold Coast when he stopped in at Porters.

He bought a Keno ticket but left it there, thinking it was a loser.

But Mr Fry had watched the wrong game, and his ticket was actually worth $580.

Days later he received a call.

Staff had picked up his discarded ticket and used the time-of-issue to get a screen shot of his face from their security camera footage.

They had then posted it on Facebook and asked anyone who knew him to come forward.

The post reached nearly 20,000 people and was shared hundreds of times, until one of the hotel directors received a message from someone who recognised Mr Fry.

"When I got the call I thought, 'oh no, did I back into someone's car or something? What's gone wrong?',” Mr Fry said.

No, he'd just won a lot of money, the woman on the other end of the phone had said.

He said he was blown away by the amount of work the staff had put in to find him.

"It's lovely of them - you don't see that kind of honesty these days,” he said.

Porters Plainland Hotel assistant manager Jo Alexander said staff can't check all tickets patrons leave behind, but one of the staff "had a feeling” about this one.

"It was one of the girls, Kiana, she just had a feeling so she scanned that ticket,” Ms Alexander said.

"Usually if they're all scrunched up they're losers but sometimes if they're lying on the counter we check them. They might be forgotten.”

People leave a lot of valuable items at the hotel, she said.

"There's a lot of detective work here, actually,” she said.

"We were so happy that we actually found him, and to give him the good news ... we sort of pieced it together, little bit by little bit.”