EARLY STAGES: Porters Plainland Hotel manager Melissa Porter on the site of the hotel's new multi-million dollar development.
EARLY STAGES: Porters Plainland Hotel manager Melissa Porter on the site of the hotel's new multi-million dollar development. Lachlan McIvor

Porters hope to serve Christmas lunch for first time ever

PORTERS Plainland Hotel management and staff are hoping the new multi-million dollar development will be completed in time to host Christmas lunch for the first time in the establishment's 104-year history.

The project, which will more than double the size of the hotel, will involve the construction of a 120-seater function room, 16motel rooms and a dedicated gaming room.

It is slated to be finished by early next year but manager Melissa Porter said works could be wrapped up in December.

"Our hope at this stage is that we'll be doing Christmas lunch in the hotel, either in the new function room or the existing space," Ms Porter said.

"It will be the first time ever that we'll offer a Christmas lunch at the hotel.

"We'll have an update on that as it comes closer."

The foundations are just being laid but things will progress rapidly in the next several months.

Once finished, it will allow Porters to satisfy a big demand for accommodation and private function spaces from a steadily growing Plainland population and its surrounding areas.

News of the works had been well-received.

"We have had lots of people just telling us that they can't wait and we still naturally get so many inquiries for functions now," Ms Porter said.

"(A private function) takes basically half of our current dining space, so it will be great when we have the function room because then we can still have all our standard Friday and Saturday night dining plus extra space.

"We've had lots of positive feedback (to the development), mainly from people just saying there's no accommodation in the area, especially for when there are big events on.

"Having the accommodation on-site along with the function room works really well together because a lot of people who live out here are new to the area or they have family that aren't in this area.

"They can have Nanna's 80th and invite friends and family and then they can make a whole day of it and have people stay up, rather than try and find space in people's homes."

The vision for on-site accommodation has been in the works for a long time but it will fall on the shoulders of current third-generation managers Melissa and Michael, as well as his wife Shelley, to lead the next chapter of the storied pub.

"(Parents) Bob and Julie have had this on the horizon for a long time, so I don't think Michael and I can take all the credit for it," Ms Porter said.

"Certainly we're going to be the ones, along with our team, who will be getting this up and functioning and making it work."

The new function room will adjoin the hotel's dining room and will be able to hold 120 people in banquet-style seating, or divided into three smaller rooms for more intimate gatherings.

Those facilities will be joined by 16 motel rooms on two levels, with guests welcomed at a reception at the rear of the hotel.

A new standalone gaming room will offer punters a more private and spacious area with its own dedicated bar, while the gaming area will be converted into a raised dining platform.

New back of house and administration facilities are in the works as well.

The plans were drawn by Craig W Chandler Architecture and Interior Design of Brisbane, who were responsible for the previous three major developments at the hotel - its new bottle shop, a kitchen extension and major renovations in 2001.