Premier concedes ‘hiccups’ after shock poll result

PREMIER Annastacia Palaszczuk has conceded her Government has suffered several hiccups during its response to COVID-19 but isn't concerned about having the lowest approval rating of any premier in Australia.

It follows an extraordinary Newspoll published in The Australian today that revealed just 55 per cent of people were satisfied with Ms Palaszczuk's performance, just six months out from the state election.

West Australian Labor Premier Mark McGowan received the highest support with 89 per cent of people surveyed being satisfied.

Ms Palaszczuk today said: "I'm just doing the best for Queensland."

Pressed on why she thought it was the lowest, she repeated she was doing the best for Queensland and that she wasn't concerned.

The Premier conceded there had been a few "hiccups along the road" but would not elaborate on what those issues were.

"Frankly the only numbers I'm interested in are these numbers about the number of cases (coronavirus) in Queensland and the number of lives that we are saving," she said.

"I'm doing the best for Queensland that I possibly can, I don't know what more you want me to do."

Originally published as Premier concedes 'hiccups' after shock poll result