Premier denies police and government division over report

FRONT line child protection workers have met with the Queensland Premier following the release of a report that said child exploitation increased during the war against bikies.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said communities and child services put forward ideas about how the State Government can better tackle the issue.

She said the suggestions would form part of the government's response to the Organised Crime Commission of Inquiry that found child exploitation and financial crimes flourished while police focused on outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Communities and Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman, who was also at the Tuesday meeting, said a combined community and police response was needed to tackle the issue.

Queensland Police Acting Commissioner Ross Barnett on Monday rejected the findings that the force's focus on bikies detracted from other crimes.

He said police were disappointed by the remarks.

But Ms Palaszczuk denied there was a division between senior police and the government over inquiry Commissioner Michael Byrne's report.

"It is a comprehensive report and the commissioner has detailed over 600 pages of findings which shows very clearly organised crime goes beyond outlaw criminal motorcycle gangs, it goes into illicit drugs, it goes into money laundering, and also child exploitation," she said.

The Opposition continued to condemn the report as an attack on the LNP-introduced criminal gang laws.

Shadow attorney-general Ian Walker said extra funding went to the police service when the legislation was passed, rather than resources being diverted from other areas.