Premier’s hope that Victoria will ‘open up and stay open’


Daniel Andrews has provided some hope for locked down Victorians.

The Premier said when the state reopened, it would stay open, as restrictions ease from midnight.

Melbourne will move from stage four restrictions to the first step of the state's roadmap to recovery which allows for more social interaction and more time outside.

People living alone or single parents will be able to have social bubbles and have one other person in their home.

Exercise is extended for two hours, split over a maximum of two sessions.

"The notion of time outside, time outdoors, while at the moment it is just for exercise, it will also now be from midnight tonight for social interaction with one other person or members of your household," Mr Andews said.

Victorians will also get an "extra hour of that freedom of movement" with the curfew extended until 9pm from tomorrow night.
"The strategy is working and we are delivering the safe and steady opening up that should give Victorians hope, that should see Victoria positive about beating this thing, opening and staying open," he said.

"That is the key. That is what we are after and that's what we will stubbornly deliver. We have to. This virus is stubborn. It won't go away quickly and it won't go away easily. We have to do this properly and that is exactly what we are doing."