An openly gay politician and vocal advocate of marriage equality has just revealed p.lans to tie the knot with his partner.
An openly gay politician and vocal advocate of marriage equality has just revealed p.lans to tie the knot with his partner.

“Rainbow Rebel” ties the knot

He was one of the four "rainbow rebels'' who championed the righteous cause of marriage equality in Coalition ranks during Malcolm Turnbull's star-crossed reign as PM.

Now, openly gay Brisbane MP Trevor Evans plans to take full advantage of the laws he helped change in 2017.

Evans got down on bended knee to propose to his partner, obstetrics specialist Dr Roger Martin, this week--and managed to get quite creative in the process, as we'll explain below.

Martin said yes, you'll be relieved to know, but a wedding date has yet to be fixed.

No prizes for guessing how Evans is feeling. "Very excited, very happy,'' he told City Beat. "It's neat to be able to be involved in something you've fought for.''

In a nod to sentimentality, the couple (illustrated) started with a drink Tuesday night at rooftop bar Elixir in the Valley where they went on their first date back in 2014.

MP Trevor Evans and Dr Roger Martin
MP Trevor Evans and Dr Roger Martin

They then moved on to dinner at Blackbird Bar & Grill, followed by desert on the restaurant's scenic balcony overlooking the river.

With a bit of pre-planned help from Blackbird staff, Evans whisked out a copy of the classic board game "Game Of Life'' as a gift. (That's actually not as unusual as it first seems since the pair are apparently avid devotees of board games.)

Anyway, when Martin flicked the little spinning contraption on the board, a ring appeared. That's when Evans popped the question.

Three years after Australians overwhelmingly approved amendments to the Marriage Act, Evans remains chuffed that his electorate had the second highest "yes'' vote in the country at just shy of 80 per cent.

Making it even more amazing, he said, is the fact that Australians have a long tradition of usually voting down issues put to a referendum.

"The country is clearly the better for having such a resounding yes vote that was driven by mainstream Australians,'' Evans said.


For all you gents out there, it's now possible to relieve yourself at a urinal in Brisbane with oversized classic renderings of Marilyn Monroe's face gazing straight at your naughty bits.

Multiple black and white images of the legendary screen beauty adorn a row of dividers separating the orange troughs.

Yes, we learned about what just might be the most offensive bathroom in the city last night when restaurateur Tim Johnson showed off a video of his revamped facilities at Everton Park.

Johnson, who operates his eateries Corbett & Claude and Comuna Cantina at the redeveloped Everton Plaza retail centre, posted it on Instagram, describing his newly upgraded bathroom as "looking pretty epic''.

But reaction to the fit-out was as swift as it was outraged, with critics slamming it as "sexist" and "tone deaf".

"Let's just think about this for one feminist second,'' one City Beat source said.

"I'm not even a full-blown feminist and I'm gobsmacked, literally disgusted. I'm so offended by this. What interior designer came up with that?''

Johnson didn't return a call on Thursday.

But, in comments sure to elicit a smirk, Johnson said late last year that he had now developed "multiple streams'' of income after revamping his business model during the pandemic.

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