BUSINESS AS USUAL: Recycling schemes will continue as usual in the Lockyer Valley and Somerset regions.
BUSINESS AS USUAL: Recycling schemes will continue as usual in the Lockyer Valley and Somerset regions. Tom Threadingham

Recycling to continue for foreseeable future

THE Lockyer Valley and Somerset regional councils have both confirmed they have no intention of abandoning their kerbside recycling schemes.

This follows Ipswich City Council's announcement on Wednesday that recyclable material would be dumped at landfill.

The council's recycling contractors notified council that, due to policy changes in China, the current cost would skyrocket if recycling was to continue.

This could have meant a 1.5 to 2 per cent rate rise for residents.

However the Ipswich Council backed down on their announcement this afternoon.

Ipswich City Mayor Andrew Antoniolli said that the council would be employing a short-term contractor to continue their kerbside recycling scheme.

"This has never been an issue solely of money. This is a complex series of issues which includes waste contamination, cost, and a vision to the future for our city.” Mayor Antoniolli said.

Lockyer Valley Regional deputy mayor and waste chairman Jason Cook said Lockyer Valley residents' recycling would not be sent to landfill.

"The Lockyer Valley remains relatively unaffected by China's decision and, at this stage, it is very much business as usual,” he said.

"Recycling from the region is sorted at the material recovery facility at Gatton run by Anuha and our local services will continue as normal.

"The China decision will not have a bearing on cost for our service and people should continue using their yellow-lidded bins as usual.”

Somerset Regional mayor Graeme Lehmann said the council also had no plans to dump recycling, with the cost of its kerbside service guaranteed until 2021.

"Somerset Regional Council will continue to deliver its existing recycling services and initiatives available throughout Somerset,” he said.

"Kerbside recycling is offered in the former Kilcoy Shire Council area and is delivered under a fixed priced contract which doesn't expire for several years.

"Council also offers and will continue to offer its free recycling services at each of its refuse centres at Coominya, Esk, Kilcoy and Harlin.”

Both councils declined to comment on Ipswich City Council's decision.