Olivia Hamood and Carado GHP during the jump off at the Magic Millions World Cup qualifier in Gatton. Photo: PIX ALI Photography.
Olivia Hamood and Carado GHP during the jump off at the Magic Millions World Cup qualifier in Gatton. Photo: PIX ALI Photography.

REVEALED: How Lockyer plans to be part of QLD Olympics

The Lockyer Valley will be selling itself to the world if Brisbane secures the 2032 Olympic Games, advocating for a significant role in hosting major sports.

With it’s close proximity to Brisbane, and world class facilities already established, the Lockyer Valley would be “well placed” to have a hosting role in many of the Olympic sports, according to Lockyer MP Jim McDonald.

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Mr McDonald said he would be advocating for a “significant role” if Brisbane were announced to be the hosts of the 2032 games and said it would be a “great opportunity” for the region.

The Indoor Equestrian Centre in Gatton and its partnership with the University of Queensland was touted as an ideal role for the Lockyer Valley to play.

Mr McDonald said he would employ a “co-ordinated approach” with the state government and Australian Olympic Committee to sell the Lockyer Valley’s potential to the games body.

A future athletics track to be built in partnership with Faith Lutheran College was also proposed as another role the Lockyer Valley could play in hosting opportunities.

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Mr McDonald said the Olympics had the opportunity to “fast track” many infrastructure projects too, including a fast rail line to Brisbane from Toowoomba and significant upgrades to local roads.

The games would also bring new accommodation opportunities while already established motels would also benefit.

Mr McDonald said the Lockyer Valley region would be “very easy to use” if Brisbane’s bid to host the 2032 Olympic Games is successful.

Opinions about hosting the games have been mixed in the Lockyer Valley community, with many locals suggesting the region could play a significant role in the Olympics, while others said the money would be better spent on roads, education and health care.

One local said the Hidden Vale Adventure Park in Grandchester would be “great for all the mountain bike action” while many locals also pointed to equestrian sports as well as shooting.

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