New data has revealed where cases originated, and how many people remain in self-isolation. PHOTO: File
New data has revealed where cases originated, and how many people remain in self-isolation. PHOTO: File

REVEALED: How Lockyer, Somerset patients contracted COVID-19

NEARLY 2000 people have been forced to self-isolate in the West Moreton area during the Covid-19 pandemic, new data has revealed.

Released by Queensland Health today, the data breaks down how cases were contracted, where they originated and the number of people who remain in self-isolation.

Despite 37 cases recorded in the West Moreton, just one case is confirmed in the Lockyer Valley.

The data reveals the patient contracted coronavirus overseas.

However, in the Somerset region, three cases have been identified, one from overseas, one locally obtained from a known source and the third acquired interstate.

In the West Moreton region, 1825 people have been forced into self-isolation since new laws were implemented, with just 104 people still required to isolate for 14 days.

From the 37 cases in the West Moreton region, which encompasses the Lockyer Valley, Somerset, Ipswich, Boonah and Scenic Rim, there are 11 active cases, and 26 patients have made a full recovery.

In Queensland, six lives have been lost.

The data comes as Queensland's coronavirus hot spots have been revealed in new data released by the State Government.

Clusters of outbreaks have been recorded in densely populated areas across the sunshine state and concentrated in areas including the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast to a lesser extent.

In launching the online site, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has promised the website "will be the single source of truth for all Queensland COVID-19 data drawn from across the state".

What the website has revealed is the state's North West and South West health regions have stayed coronavirus free alongside the Mater Health Area plus the Children's Health Queensland.

The sparsely populated Northern Cap and Torres Strait areas are also virus free for now.

Central Queensland has fared comparatively well with just eight cases to date, two active and six recovered while Mackay sits on 15, with four active and 11 recovered.

There have been 55,533 Queenslanders in self-quarantine, with 2971 still having to be shut-off from the wider community.

The Gold Coast has had more than 9000 in quarantine while the Sunshine Coast has more than 5000.

Premier Palaszczuk, along with Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Steven Miles and Queensland's Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young, launched the new Queensland Covid-19 data website.

The Premier said the website would breakdown regional data by Local Government Area, giving communities more oversight of their local cases.

"We know the Covid-19 situation is changing daily, which is why we prioritised building this data site to keep Queenslanders informed.


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In the height of the pandemic, a number of West Moreton hospital staff were forced into self-isolation after coming into contact with a patient carrying coronavirus.