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Road repair costs blowout compared to last year

THE Somerset region is home to a range of rural roadways, some busy highways, while others are little more than narrow strips or bitumen, or hewn entirely of gravel.

The cost of maintaining this network is significant, and as the current financial year comes to an end, the full price to ratepayers is becoming evident.

Already, the cost of road maintenance in 2019/20 has overtaken the cost of repairs during the 2018/29 financial year.

Somerset’s thirty most expensive roads through the 2018/19 financial year set ratepayers back $1,009,329, with the cost in 2019/20 coming to $1,155,000 with almost a full month still to come.

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A deeper look at the reveals a number of repeat offenders.

Esk Crows Nest Road topped the list by a significant margin in both periods, costing $92,366 last year, and $120,000 this year.

Muckerts Lane placed sixth last year, racking up a bill of $40,637, coming in ninth this year, but costing more, at $43,000.

Placing twenty-eighth last financial year was a section Monsildale Road, at a cost of $23,379, with the same chainage coming eighth this year, at $50,000.

A separate part of Monsildale Road came in seventh at $38,128 last year, but sunk to thirtieth position at $21,000 this year.

Finally, Westvale Road was the thirtieth most expensive road last financial year, at $23,022, but rose to eighteenth place this year, costing $26,000.

A defining factor in both years was that the majority of roads costing the most to maintain had gravel surfaces, with only six of the roads last year, and four from this year, being bitumen.

The full list of the thirty most expensive roads in the 2019/20 financial year are listed below.

The Ch values in the list are for chainage, a detail used for planning and mapping purposes, which are included here to differentiate between separate sections of the same roads.

Esk Crows Nest (gravel) Ch26120-Ch34090 – $120,000

Atkinsons Dam Rd (bitumen) Ch3200-Ch5600 – $92,000

Bellthorpe Rd (gravel) Ch0-Ch11460 – $70,000

Mt Byron Rd (gravel) Ch2020-Ch15370 – $60,000

Banffs La (gravel) Ch0-Ch3050 – $57,000

Larsens Rd (gravel) Ch3870-Ch5920 – $55,000

Kingaham Rd (gravel) Ch0-Ch8960 – $55,000

Monsildale Rd (gravel) Ch1630-Ch10200 – $50,000

Muckerts La (gravel) Ch1370-Ch2780 – $43,000

Spring Creek Rd (gravel) Ch60-Ch4210 – $40,000

Brennan Rd (gravel) Ch100-Ch4020 – $36,000

Stanley Pocket Rd (bitumen) Ch0-Ch12030 – $31,000

Diaper Rd (gravel) Ch0-Ch3000 – $31,000

Boyces Rd (gravel) Ch0-Ch2460 – $30,000

Harris Rd (gravel) Ch120-Ch3340 – $30,000

Diaper Rd (gravel) Ch3000-Ch6200 – $28,000

Western Branch (gravel) Ch14050-Ch27110 – $27,000

Westvale Rd (gravel) Ch13550-Ch1521 – $26,000

Seib St (gravel) Ch0-Ch340 – $26,000

Westvale Rd (gravel) Ch1340-Ch13550 – $25,000

Clarendon Rd (bitumen) Ch5750-Ch8860 – $24,000

SilverleavesRd (gravel) Ch40-Ch2150 – $24,000

Highwood La (gravel) Ch2610-Ch6690 – $24,000,000

Highwood La (gravel) Ch0-Ch2610 – $23,000

Kiernan La (gravel) Ch0-Ch1570 – $22,000

Zernike La (gravel) Ch20-Ch1100 – $22,000

OReillys Weir Rd (bitumen) Ch110-Ch4250 – $21,000

Kangaroo Creek Rd (gravel) Ch3190-Ch7830 – $21,000

Voss Rd (gravel) Ch880-Ch2690 – $21,000

Monsildale Rd (gravel) Ch12000-Ch19100 – $21,000