MINE: Roy Turner with his 1962 Ford Galaxie 500XL, which he's been slowly working on for about five years.
MINE: Roy Turner with his 1962 Ford Galaxie 500XL, which he's been slowly working on for about five years. Melanie Keyte

Roy's Ford proves dreams do come true

OF THE dozens of cars Roy Turner has in various states of undress around his yard, his convertible 1962 Ford Galaxie 500XL is one of his favourites.

The Laidley retiree said he had coveted the car before he was able to call it his own about five years ago.

"A mate of mine had bought it and had it in the shed for years,” he said.

"I kept telling him, 'If you ever want to sell it, I want it.'

"Then one day, I'm sitting on my verandah and hear something coming up the drive.

"He throws the keys at me and said 'It's yours. Pay me back when you can.'

"So I did, and I've had her ever since.”

Mr Turner said he has tinkered with the car to an extent, replacing small pieces and the upholstery as needed, but said he hasn't yet undertaken any extensive work on the old beast.

"I bought new seats, and a new roof,” he said.

"Honestly, I've barely touched it.

"I don't believe in pulling it apart when I haven't got everything there to put it back together.

"Anyone can pull a car apart, that's not impressive.”

Especially since the car already goes well enough, Mr Turner said.

"You just get in, shut the door and away she goes,” he said.

"I try to take her out about once a week... just into town and back.”

His excursions are rarely with any particular car club, but the former shift worker said he does like to take the old girl to show-and-shine events around the region.

"I'm a bit of a loner these days,” he laughed.

"I haven't joined a car club because I don't want to have to rely on them when I want to go somewhere.

"I just want to drive it when I want to drive it.”

Mr Turner is a man who likes keeping his hands busy.

He built his own home after purchasing a parcel of land just outside of Laidley, and has filled the space with Ford cars to work on.

Only Ford cars will do.

"I just think they're the best,” he said.

"Me and the old Fords, we just go together.

"I grew up with Custom Lines... There's not much about a Custom Line I don't know.”

As a teenager, Mr Turner said he was hooked on fixing up old cars and at 17, he owned his first convertible. Since then, he's tried to chase down another convertible before striking gold with the rare Ford model, the Galaxie 500XL.

"This is my only Galaxie,” he said proudly.

"This model - there's not many of those around.”

Soon enough, Mr Turner will also have another project, a 1966 Ford Falcon Coup, up and running.

But until then, he's content cruising around in his convertible Galaxie and keeping his hands busy with the dozens of cars scattered around his yard and tucked away in his garages - all Fords, of course.