The job ad posted on Indeed.
The job ad posted on Indeed.

Shocking job advert’s ‘offensive request’

A JOB advert for an office worker sparked outrage after stating that "people with young children need NOT apply".

The vacancy was posted on recruitment website Indeed by an unnamed Dublin oil company looking for a "person for answering phone and computer skills".

They also stated the applicant should have a "good knowledge of the Dublin area".

But they were very specific about who they didn't want - stating that parents with young kids should not apply.


The job ad posted on Indeed.
The job ad posted on Indeed.

Under equality legislation, any discrimination based on grounds of family status is unlawful.

The controversial ad was first posted on Twitter by the @WorkJuggle account, who wrote: "This just shared with us. Can you believe someone wrote this? And that @indeed posted it?"

Social media users were quick to react to the post, which has since been taken down from the employment website.


Some of the reaction to the ad on Twitter.
Some of the reaction to the ad on Twitter.

Many complained of discrimination.

Laura Moore wrote: "Omg surely illegal?", to which PregnantThenScrewed responded: "Yes, that illegal. @EHRC will want to see this."

Colleen Hennessy added: "Absolutely can believe someone wrote it.

"I know this is the caveat for the half the jobs I have applied for but usually it is coded with 'must be available for long hours' or 'deadline driven environment' when I know the jobs don't really require either."

Laura White wrote: "I'm a recruiter and my jaw dropped when I saw this."

Skull Queen added: "Think this is bad, try being female and in your early 30s and being asked if you have children in an interview, because if you haven't then they don't want to recruit you. Beyond frustrating!"

Lorraine Doxey commented: "On what level did they think this would be okay? Speechless."

A spokeswoman for Indeed said: "Our 24/7 Search Quality team has developed a clear set of signals to automatically identify and remove poor quality sites or posts.

"The vast majority of companies whose jobs appear on Indeed provide quality job content for fair and verifiable opportunities.

"We cannot give every reason why a job or a company may be removed, and we always retain the right to undertake such a removal if we feel it is in our interest or our users' interest.

"We encourage jobseekers to report these types of advertisements to us and we will continue to strive to prevent illegally discriminatory job solicitations from appearing on our site."

This article originally appeared on The Sun and is reproduced with permission.