New solar panels at Kilcoy pool
New solar panels at Kilcoy pool Brad Weir

Somerset invests in bright future

Somerset Regional Council is continuing its commitment to renewable energy options with the installation of a new rooftop solar plant at the Kilcoy Aquatic Centre.

The 30-kilowatt system is the fifth rooftop installation that the Council has overseen.

"We are really looking at saving costs to the community and benefiting the environment with these projects,” Somerset Mayor Graeme Lehmann said.

The new solar system will improve efficiency by reducing running costs for the pool, and is estimated to be able to pay off the cost of its installation within six years.

Kilcoy Aquatic Centre manager Dennye Mosley said the addition was welcome.

"We are excited about the new solar plant, particularly from an environmental point of view and the long-term energy that it will produce for the community,” she said.

"The new system will help make the Kilcoy pool a focal point for the community in demonstrating the benefits of solar energy.”