GOOD NEWS: Lockyer Mayor Tanya Milligan and Somerset Mayor Graeme Lehmann.
GOOD NEWS: Lockyer Mayor Tanya Milligan and Somerset Mayor Graeme Lehmann.

'Stay at home’: Mayors’ vital plea this Easter

A WEEK without any new coronavirus cases is undoubtedly a good sign, according to the region's mayors - but it's important we don't get complacent.

It has been seven days since a new coronavirus case has been detected in the West Moreton region.

As the state's total number of cases rises at a declining rate, our region remains stable after grinding to a halt a week ago.

After the most recent case was announced on April 1, the region's total number of coronavirus cases has stabilised at 37.

But the region's leaders are urging the community to continue being careful and say social distancing has helped contain the virus.

Lockyer Valley Mayor Tanya Milligan said it showed the community was doing the right thing.

"It's great news but we can't get complacent," Ms Milligan said.

"We need to keep doing what we're doing because it's obviously working so keep with the social distancing."

She said it was vital for everyone to stick with it during Easter but to check in with loved ones.

"I'd encourage people to stay home for the Easter long weekend," she said.

"Pick up the phone or use zoom to stay in touch with people."

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Somerset Mayor Graeme Lehmann agreed, urging the community not to be complacent during Easter.

"It's great to see everybody is exercising social distancing and making sure they keep up with hygiene," Mr Lehmann said.

"Especially over Easter, don't get complacent - this is something that could have gotten right out of hand."

He said seven days without a new case in the West Moreton region was promising.

"It's great to see we haven't had an influx of the virus," he said.

"It seems we are doing the right thing in trying to control it."

The West Moreton health region encompasses the Lockyer Valley, Somerset, Ipswich, the Scenic Rim and some Brisbane suburbs.

Of the 37 cases, one is in the Lockyer Valley and one is in the Somerset region.