CARD FRAUD: Rodrick Rarumae used the bank card to buy cigarettes, beer and petrol.
CARD FRAUD: Rodrick Rarumae used the bank card to buy cigarettes, beer and petrol.

Stolen bank card funds man’s five-day shopping spree

WHEN he found a NAB eftpos card in the Gatton Coles car park, Rodrick Rarumae, 33, picked it up and threw it in his car.

In the space of five days, he used the card to fund a number of purchases, including beer, cigarettes, petrol and earphones.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard Rarumae was from the Solomon Islands and had been on a bridging Visa in Australia for 18 months, with a wife and child still overseas.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Alister Windsor told the court Rarumae spent nearly $200 using the stolen card.

He first used the card on November 21, to pay for a night out, pulling it out to pay $94.94 for beer and cigarettes at the Gatton View Hotel.

"He has used the paywave function," Sgt Windsor said.

He managed to keep his hands off it for two days before heading to the Federal Hotel, Gatton, bottle shop on the afternoon of November 24, and spending another $49.

Half an hour later, he drove to a petrol station on Railway Street.

"Thirty dollars of fuel was pumped into a red vehicle," Sgt Windsor said.

The next day, he took a trip to the Gatton News Stationery and Newsagents and bought a $10 set of earphones.

When the owner of the card noticed the transactions, she reported it to her bank.

Police tracked down Rarumae using CCTV footage.

Rarumae's lawyer told Magistrate Kay Ryan his client had intended to hand the card in when he found it but had put it in his wallet instead.

Ms Ryan told Rarumae he should have handed it in.

"That money might have been some groceries for a family who is struggling," Ms Ryan said.

"Even if you find these things, you can't use them to your own benefit because there is somebody who is suffering from this."

Rarumae pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud and one of stealing.

She fined Rarumae $500 and ordered he pay $183.40 in restitution.

A conviction was not recorded.