Lake Clarendon State School. PHOTO: Ali Kuchel
Lake Clarendon State School. PHOTO: Ali Kuchel

Student safety to ramp up at two Lockyer schools

TWO school zones will soon be made safer with new flashing 40km/h signs.

Prenzlau and Lake Clarendon State Schools are the latest to receive new flashing lights as part of the Flashing School Sign Program.

Acting principal at Prenzlau State School, Scott Ward, said the rural school was tucked behind a hidden corner, often catching drivers unaware.

“It will encourage people to slow down during pick up and drop off time,” he said.

“And make people aware there’s a school there, especially when they come around the corner.”

Mr Ward said students were increasingly riding their bikes too and from Prenzlau school.

The school has 60 students.

“We might be a small school, but all kids’ lives are important – whether you’re in a rural town or city location,” Mr Ward said.

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“Our staff go to the gates to ensure the safety of our kids. We’re really lucky the make sure the kids are safe when they get in and out of the cars.”

The new signs are expected to be installed this financial year.

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Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Bailey said flashing signs played an important role in reminding drivers of changed speed limits.

Mr Bailey said the Department of Transport and Main Roads conducted a detailed risk analysis to determine which areas at which schools receive flashing signs.

“This ensure the signs are delivered to where they’ll be most effective, benefiting school communities,” he said.

“We all have an interest in making sure the class of 2020 and future years are remembered for all the right reasons.”

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