A tall tale of two cops working the streets of Qld

The long and short of Queensland policing.
The long and short of Queensland policing.

TALK about the long arm - and leg - of the law.

Cairns Police have posted a photo on Facebook confirming what we all know - police come in all shapes and sizes.

Constable John, however, is taller than most.

While Constable Monique is somewhat more petite - though we suggest you don't mess with her either.

John measured up at a rather tall 6 foot 9 inches (206cm tall for the younger folk) with a size 14 boot to match.

And yes,  he does have to duck his head when he walks through most doors.

Monique attempted to stretch her petite frame to match it with the big guy, however came up short by about 1 foot 8 inches (51cm).

Monique can still stand quite tall. She manages to creep just over the five foot mark by a very respectable one inch (155cm).

John first joined the QPS some nine years ago and spent his first six years as a Civilian Communications Officer in Cairns. Three years ago, he stepped up for a change of pace and completed his QPS Recruit training.

Monique joined the QPS five years ago and kicked off her career on the Gold Coast.

After her initial training, Monique transferred to Cairns where she has performed a number of roles within the service as a uniform first responder.

"The mum of two can certainly hold her own on our busy Cairns streets,'' police said in the social media post.

While John and Monique don't work together in the same team of first responders, they can certainly see the funny side of things.

Walking the beat together would be a stroll in the park for John, whilst it may end up more like a running race for Monique as she tries to match her two (maybe three) strides to his one.

Regardless of their height difference, this dynamic duo will still be out on patrol policing the streets of Cairns and responding to violent and emergent situations on a daily basis.

And that police maintain, is no tall story.