WEAPON: Cody George pleaded guilty to having a knife in a public place.
WEAPON: Cody George pleaded guilty to having a knife in a public place.

Teen says Gatton is unsafe, carries knife for protection

"THE Lockyer Valley is not a safe place."

This is Cody George's take on the region and why the 19-year-old carries a gold-coloured knife in his bag.

Police stopped George at the College View BP at 11pm on January 19.

When they walked in, they noticed two men who suddenly seemed "uncomfortable".

Police prosecutor Sergeant Alister Windsor told Gatton Magistrates Court the pair were seated in the restaurant section carrying small shoulder bags.

"They appeared disturbed by police presence so police exited the service station and waited for the pair to approach their own vehicle," Sgt Windsor said.

When George and his companion walked from the shop back to a car outside, police approached them.

The officers detained the car and searched the bags George and his friend had with them in the petrol station.

"In (George's) shoulder bag, they found a gold-coloured folding knife," Sgt Windsor said.

The court heard George told police the reason he had the knife was because the Lockyer Valley was not a safe place and he was carrying the knife for self-defence.

The court heard George had a history of drug use - and was currently on probation - but his lawyer said George was clean at the moment.

Magistrate Kay Ryan told George he only had a short criminal history but noted he had been put on probation in November.

"There's nobody here from Probation and Parole today but I take it they probably won't be doing anything other than giving you a caution about this matter," Ms Ryan said.

George was fined $300 and the knife was ordered to be destroyed.

A conviction was not recorded.