Charnelle Angel 7, with exhibitor West Moreton Anglican College and GK&KA Blanch.
Charnelle Angel 7, with exhibitor West Moreton Anglican College and GK&KA Blanch. Charolais Society of Australia

There's no bull with this Ekka combination

IT WAS another stellar run for Charnelle Charolais, with the Upper Tenthill-based stud securing several places at this year's Ekka.

Thirds in the 16-18months heifer and bull classes were strong results, but the stand out came with Charnelle Angel 7 claiming first in the 18-20 heifer class.

Stud owner Graham Blanch said the result was a major win for the stud.

"It was pretty hotly contested so that was a major triumph for us,” Mr Blanch said.

"The charolais is a pretty tough show to get anywhere so we're very happy.”

West Moreton Anglican College students exhibited the stud's cattle, and Mr Blanch said their performance was incredible.

"They have just done a fantastic job with my cattle - they deserve all the accolades as well because they're the one's breaking them in and actually showing them for me,” he said. The school began showing Charnelle cattle last year, and Mr Blanch said the results they had achieved in such a short time were amazing.

"I am just so in awe of what they have been able to do and what Laura Edwards, who's the head of that department there, has been able to do in a short time,” he said.

"I am really in awe of what they have achieved - especially the big shows, but not only that also at the local shows.”

The stud's results at the Ekka came off the back of Charnelle Digna 159 claiming the Interbreed Champion at the 2019 Gatton Show.

Mr Blanch said this result was incredible given the student's limited experience in the ring.

"That was a pretty spectacular effort against all breeds and against many professional people that showing is their livelihood and their speciality,” he said.