Jarrod Wallace (left) and Kevin Proctor have backed under-fire coach Neil Henry.
Jarrod Wallace (left) and Kevin Proctor have backed under-fire coach Neil Henry. DAVE HUNT

Titans players want coach Henry to stay

GOLD Coast players Kevin Proctor and Jarrod Wallace are standing behind embattled Neil Henry ahead of what is expected to be another tough week for the Titans coach.

Proctor backed Henry to remain in the role, while fellow forward Wallace said the runoured fallout between teh coach, Jarryd Hayne and the rest of the player group was nonsense.

"I reckon he's the right man for the job ... we're all backing him as players and I'm hoping the board does that too." Proctor said.

"He's been getting hammered by the press and I feel sorry for him.

"Our bad performances have been backlashing on him and he doesn't deserve it."

Proctor said reports Henry and Hayne, as well other players, were at odds was a "media twist up".

"He (Hayne) is a great player and we benefit from having both (he and Henry) at the club," Proctor said.

"Hopefully they can sort out their differences but I don't think there's much there to sort out.

"It's been a bit of a media twist up to be honest and I'm sure they can work it out."

Wallace said the ckub could move forward next season with both Hayne and Henry in position.

"All this stuff that you're reading in the paper now is all speculation and you haven't heard one thing come from any of the players that we don't want him here or don't want Neil here," Wallace said.

"It's all come from papers and people who aren't even in the club who don't know what they're talking about.

New Zealand international Proctor said replacing Henry was not the answer following last week's meeting between himself and fellow leaders Ryan James and Nathan Peats with club chief Graham Annesley.

"We went there (to meet Annesley) by ourselves and said what we wanted to say, spoke for the players and told him our side of the story," Proctor said.

"We had a good yarn and got our point across.

"A new coach means we'd have to start from the bottom again to do that rebuilding phase again ... we're backing him and hoping for a positive result."