The wind is set to continue for the next few days.
The wind is set to continue for the next few days. Ebony Graveur

Tremendous wind, dry air to continue for next few days

LOOK out your window and you're sure to see trees dancing in the wind and birds struggling to fly in a straight line.

This morning's wind throughout the Lockyer Valley and Toowoomba is expected to continue for the next few mornings, according to Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Adam Woods.

"We still have a very large high pressure system over the southern part of Australia and it will generally create very strong winds as it interacts with the low pressure system in the area,” Mr Woods said.

He said morning wind was normal for this time of year in Southeast Queensland and stronger winds tended to drop from higher in the atmosphere when the sun rises.

"We had fairly strong winds aloft last night in the air above us and, when the sun comes up, those stronger winds mix down to the surface,” he said.

"We will probably find as the afternoon wears on the winds will die back quite noticeably today.”

Mr Woods said, while the afternoons would be calmer, tomorrow morning and Friday morning would be windy again - and to a worse degree.

"We have got a southerly change pushing through and it's going to be really strong winds,” he said.

"Those minimum temperatures will stay fairly cool.”

The weekend is expected to become more comfortable as humidity increases.

"It won't be muggy or anything like that but it's just so desert dry and any increase in moisture will be quite noticeable.”