CHOP CHOP: Trevor Pezet will cut his hair off for charity.
CHOP CHOP: Trevor Pezet will cut his hair off for charity. Meg Bolton

Trevor puts his ponytail on the line for a worthwhile cause

TREVOR Pezet can count the number of times he has cut his hair in the past five years on one hand, but this week he will break the hair-trimming drought.

The Barden Produce farm manager has a date with the scissors on March 15, where he will cut more than 30 centimetres of hair from his head.

His hair appointment is in aid of those suffering leukaemia as part of the World's Greatest Shave.

Mr Pezet said he usually couldn't find the energy to keep up with hair appointments, but he wanted to participate in a worthwhile cause.

"While I've still got hair, I feel like I may as well use it to help others,” Mr Pezet said.

"The World's Greatest Shave really helps publicise and educate people about leukaemia and other cancers, whilst highlighting that terminal diseases need all the funding they can get.”

Mr Pezet has already raised more than $1000 for the cause, but hoped to reach $2,500 for Team J&J, a charity group which raises money for the Leukeamia Foundation in the Lockyer Valley.

This year is the third time Mr Pezet has participated in the shave: he has also waxed his back for the cause.

But rather than shaving his head in full, Mr Pezet plans to leave some hair on his head by styling his hair short.

Cutting his hair will still be an adjustment for Mr Pezet for has had to tie his hair back in recent years.

But apart from having to put on more sunscreen and feeling the wind against his scalp, Mr Pezet said cutting off his locks was no big deal.

He said most of the hair cut off would be used to make a wig.

Mr Pezet is just one of the two million Aussies who have taken part in the cause in past two decades.