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Trip to get jumper back lands big sister in trouble

A young mother who went along for a ride when her younger sister picked up a jumper landed in court after a physical altercation broke out.

Kylah Jayne Andjal, 20, pleaded guilty on March 1 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count each of trespass and common assault.

Police prosecutor Kelvin Boyd said the defendant and her sister attended a Frenchville address at 8.20pm on June 20, 2020, to pick up the sister’s jumper.

He said there was yelling, name calling and Andjal grabbed the victim by the hair, spun her around and punched her in the face.

Mr Boyd said the visitors were asked to leave multiple times.

He said Andjal admitted to police she went inside after her younger sister entered, saying she feared her little sister would get hurt.

Defence lawyer Brian McGowran said none of this should have happened as they already had the jumper back.

He said his client, who had a 15-month-old daughter, followed her sister when she went back inside.

Mr McGowran said the name calling, yelling, etc started after someone tried to take an alcoholic beverage off another and accidentally spilt it on the people at the downstairs doorway.

Magistrate Cameron Press said the punch caused swelling and bruising to the victim’s face.

He fined Andjal $500 and no conviction recorded.