Crash at the intersection of Warrego Highway and Fairways Drive, Hatton Valle, May 21 this year. PHOTO: ALI KUCHEL
Crash at the intersection of Warrego Highway and Fairways Drive, Hatton Valle, May 21 this year. PHOTO: ALI KUCHEL

True toll of dangerous driving on the Warrego revealed

THE full toll of dangerous driving and poor decision making has resulted in more than 40 fatal traffic crashes on the Warrego Highway in the past five years.

Many of these crashes claimed the lives of more than one person.

During that period there were more than 333 crashes that resulted in at least one patient suffering a serious injury that required hospitalisation.

The good news is the crash numbers appear to be in decline, dropping steadily from a total of 132 in 2014 to 107 in 2018.

The most dangerous sections of the highway run through the Ipswich and Lockyer Valley local government areas.

Their greater population and traffic volume led to an average of 21 and 19 serious or fatal traffic crashes each year, respectively.

The statistics do not include recent deaths on the highway in 2020

On July 8, 32-year-old Toowoomba man Nicholas Mervyn Hicks died after he crashed in to a tree at Glenore Grove.

A beloved Toowoomba grandmother, May Bowen, died on May 3 after her car collided with a truck near the Oakey turn off.

Jamie Cavanagh, a 47-year-old father known as a "crazy loving person" died in a tragic crash at the Minden Crossroads, near Lowood Minden Road on April 30.


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A Department of Transport and Main Roads spokesman said the government recognised the potential for death and serious injury and was working on several safety upgrades.

These include a planned duplication of the highway from Oakey to Kingsthorpe.

"Any death or serious injury is one too many, and we are committed to reducing the number of lives lost on our roads," he said.

"Everyone has a role to play in road safety and motorists are reminded to stick to the speed limits, abide by the road rules and drive to conditions."

"All motorists need to be aware of the fatal five and take them seriously.

"Drink and drug driving, fatigue, inattention, not using a seat belt and speeding continue to be the leading cause of deaths on our roads."