Police conducting drink and drug testing on the Lower Clarence
Police conducting drink and drug testing on the Lower Clarence

'UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR': Police on drug driving blitz

A TWO-day police blitz on the Lower Clarence has led to more than one in 10 people tested returning an alleged positive reading for driving under the influence of drugs.

Coffs Clarence road policing spokesperson Detective Inspector Darren Jameson said that they would continue to have blitzes in the future.

"We have a mobile drug testing unit that we can take anywhere in the command, so we will continue to do more blitzes like this," he said.

"There is significant evidence that shows that drivers with cannabis in their system are responsible for serious motor vehicle collisions which have caused serious injuries and fatalities.

"If you think that smoking a cone and then jumping behind the wheel is okay, you're fooling yourself.

"It is unacceptable behaviour."

In total, 536 breath tests were conducted and 120 drivers were tested for drugs. Three drivers were charged with high-range drink driving, three harged with mid-range drink driving and seven with low-range drink driving.

Ten drivers allegedly returned positive traces for cannabis, and three drivers positive traces for methyl amphetamines.

The Coffs Clarence police district said the random drug and breath testing operation was aimed at reducing road trauma in the Lower Clarence communities of Maclean and Yamba.