‘Urgent’ warning after child-snatching attempt

PARENTS of a major Gold Coast primary school have been warned to be on the look-out for suspicious behaviour after an incident on Friday afternoon.

In an "urgent message" on Monday morning, Helensvale State School principal Heidi Booth told parents police had been contacted after a man told a pupil to get into a white van.

"On Friday afternoon, we were notified that there was a white van outside our school and the driver approached a student and told the student to get in the van," Ms Booth said.

"The police have been contacted.

"Please remind your children about stranger danger and report any strange situations like this to both the Police and our school office."

Helensvale State School Principal Heidi Booth. Picture: Jerad Williams
Helensvale State School Principal Heidi Booth. Picture: Jerad Williams

A local mother posted on social media that her child had been approached by the man as he walked home from school.

"Our son was walking home from school for the first time today," the mother wrote.

"It was supposed to be with a friend but he didn't show up so he walked alone.

"When we were nearly home (we live ten minutes from the school), a white man with a middle-aged man pulled up and tried to get him into his car.

"Lucky I have drilled into him about this potentially happening, so he ran away into a reserve and hid in some bushes until the man left. He came home terrified and crying.

"This happened literally two minutes from home on a very busy road in the middle of school traffic. The man was so brazen and obviously didn't care. I feel very rattled and very relieved it wasn't a different ending."

Originally published as 'Urgent' warning after child-snatching attempt outside Coast school