Videos in slow motion, a doggone groan and a yoyo

MOST videos are shot at somewhere between 24 to 30 frames per second.

Kurzzeit, a German company that makes measurement equipment, has released incredible vision of bullet impacts filmed at, wait for it, one million frames per second.

Playing back that one second of captured video back at 30 frames per second would take over nine hours.

It blows your mind to see the bullets reduced to a form that resembles playdough.

"I can't even imagine what kind of lighting they would require to film at 1M fps. I wouldn't be surprised if had to wear welding goggles," one Reddit user exclaimed.

Now, let's move onto the animal kingdom.

Humans have tried for centuries to teach animals to act like people.

We've seen chimps perform in television shows and it's hard to go anywhere online without tripping over a picture of a cat dressed in human clothes.

It's enough to make a dog groan.

And that's exactly what Cody did, he groaned like a person.

Back to the human race; it is, indeed, a competition.

A yoyo company has uploaded video of Japanese yoyo sensation Akitoshi Tokubuchi performing in a competition.

The moves he performs are enough to make physics professors scratch their heads and ask for revision to the theories they teach.